Protesilaus orthosilaus (Weymer, 1899)

    ampliornatus Röber, 1925

Original Description

Papilio sp. ampliornatus Röber, 1925

Type specimen(s)

Status: Holotype
Specimen data: HT (♂, coll. J. Röber)
Additional information: "Holotipo ♂, non hallado" (Lamas, 2001: 28).
Current depository: SMTD, Dresden ?

Type locality

Type locality as cited in original description: "Matto Grosso"
Current country: Brazil

Taxonomic history

Originally described as Papilio sp. ampliornatus Röber, 1925
Treated as a synonym of Protesilaus orthosilaus (Weymer, 1899) by Tyler et. al. (1994: 30).


In SMTD, Dresden one [m] specimen with the following labels: orthosilaus Weym. [[ms]] [[white]] Matto Grosso [[ms]] [[white]] Coll. Staudinger & // Bang-Haas, Dres- // den, Ankauf 1961 [[p]] [[white]] Staatl. Museum für // Tierkunde Dresden [[p]] [[white]] This specimen is most likely the holotype specimen [CLH, 16.IV.2003].